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Pants Points - our loyalty scheme


Here’s how it works:


For every order you place when logged in as a registered user on our site, you will earn reward points, known as Pants Points.


For every pound you spend on our products (not including postage) you will earn 1 point. Each point will equate to a £0.02 credit towards future purchases.


For example if you order £30 of products, you will earn 30 points which will give you a £0.60 credit which you can use on a subsequent order. Pants Points are available for every purchase you make with only two exceptions, as follows.


No Pants Points will be awarded for orders where points are being redeemed. In other words, if you are redeeming points on a purchase, your entire purchase will not earn you more rewards. Secondly, you cannot earn Pants Points when you buy a gift voucher.


How do you sign up?


Here’s the beauty - you don’t have to sign up. Points will automatically be earned on all qualifying purchases. If you’re not interested in the program, you can simply ignore the points.


How can you keep track of your Pants Points?


Easy! Your confirmation e-mail for each order will tell you how many points you have earned for that order. To see your cumulative total simply log into your account and click on the View Your Pants Points link.


How can you use your Pants Points to receive ££ off your next order?


Your Pants Points can be used to apply a discount on any new order. During checkout, on the Payment Page, you will be able to enter the number of points you would like to use in the box at the bottom of the page. Then click on Recalculate to reduce your order total, and then Place Order.


Disclaimers and Small Print


* Pants Points are not transferable and have no cash value. Points cannot be issued in respect of purchases made prior to the commencement of the scheme, or orders already placed when converting a guest account to a registered account.
* Points earned on an order can only be redeemed against subsequent orders.
* Points cannot be earned on or used for postage charges.
* Wholesale customers are not eligible for the Pants Points program.
* We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Pants Points Reward program at any time by posting notice on the site. If a decision is made to terminate the program at least 30 days notice will be given, and e-mails will be sent to all customers with balances in their account.

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